Future Doll Advanced Default Features

All the following advanced features are default designs with every Future Doll

→ Premium soft silicone material

→ Fixed vagina(ultra realistic,soft and fluffy private parts);

→ Implanted eyebrows for stunning realism; 

→ Implanted lower eyelashes,no more regular gluing;

→ Shrugging shoulders;

→ Real human feeling 100% body textured;

→ Whole body realistic painting,including veins;

→ Exquisite face makeup;

→ Ultra soft silicone gel implants breasts as immersive as real life;

→ Easy movable eyes with a simple rotation of the pupils;

→ Flexible yoga skeleton,hinged neck,hands and feet;

(These extreme Yoga Positions are only to demonstrate the flexibility of Future doll fine love doll,but we don't recommend users to do so during daily use

→ Quick head connector;